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Team Name
Ignat Cherkashin.

Game Name:
Starman: Down To Earth.

Gameplay Instructions
The Starman against his will was sent into space with his car, he was tired and he decided to return down to Earth.

Movement: WASD/ESDF
Zoom In / Zoom Out: Mouse Wheel.

What platform is your game built for?

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Soul: Cave by Epic Games.
Infinity Blade: Fire Lands by Epic Games.
Automotive Materials by Epic Games.
SuperGrid Starter pack by ZeOrb.
Pro Main Menu Pack by Piontek.
Tesla Roadster Car (3D Model) by pr3sidentspence.
Starman Character by Mixamo.
Main Theme Music by Doom 2 Wads (E2M2).
Hit Sound by Splice.

Link to Gameplay Footage:

Install instructions

Requires DirectX 11 (June 2010).


IgnatCherkashin_StarmanDownToEarth.zip 321 MB

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